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Storylogue is a continuation of Robert McKee's Story Seminar and STORY book. It expands on the concepts McKee has developed and taught for the last 30+ years, but in a much more, dynamic and interactive way. 
The Q&As have been described by Storylogue members as mini-lessons. At each seminar, weve got a camera set up where people can ask questions, and then Mr. McKee answers them on camera also. Theyre edited together and catalogued, and cover a variety of topics from screenwriting to fiction writing, TV development, pitching your movie, getting an agent, character development, the inciting incident, dialogue, genres, and more. 
The lessons are advanced and in-depth studies by Mr. McKee on a variety of topics Dialogue, Character, Prologues, Epilogues, Entering and Exiting Scenes, Endings and more. Each lesson is part of a multi-part study. 
The interviews have been a big hit because of the nature and tone of the talks. Each week Mr. McKee interviews a top person in the industry screenwriters, novelists, Broadway composers, comedians, documentary makers, actors, agents, attorneys, etc. Recent interviews have included DREW CAREY, authors STEVEN PRESSFIELD and PATRICK McGRATH, Law & Order: SVU Executive Producer TED KOTCHEFF, CBS Producer JOEL BERNSTEIN, literary agent SHAWN COYNE, TV Executive JOSH GOLD and many others.

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